Ball Handle Flat Pestle & Mortar - Large

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Nigel Slater uses our large Ball Flat Pestle & Mortar, which he first bought from John Julian as a one-off piece. This design classic has since become a cornerstone of our range.

The unique sculptural shape is hand-thrown, and the unglazed vitrified finish make it a real tactile pleasure to use. It has a shallow mortar, adapted for better grinding and paste making. For best results, use the pestle with a rocking motion. Please note these pieces are individually hand made, there may be some slight variation in size and detail.

"I have the most perfect John Julian pestle & mortar, a flat one for grinding that I use all the time".
Nigel Slater

Handmade in England
Material: Porcelain
Mortar: 23cm Wide x 4cm High
Pestle: 12cm High
Care: Dishwasher Safe